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Girl Scout/Boy Scout Drama Workshops Grades 1-5


1 1/2 hour drama workshops for girl scouts and boy scouts. Call for complete workshop information and scheduling. (972) 599-3505 If specific skill sets need to be taught in order to earn a badge, we will customize your workshop. Must have a minimum or 6 scouts for a workshop. The cost is $10 per scout. Workshops are scheduled on weekdays after school or on early release days/student holidays from school. Parents are welcome to film performance last 10 minutes of workshop.



Performance Dates:   00-00-0000


Class Days:   Call for dates and times


Director:  Megan Demsky


Teacher:  Megan Demsky


Showing:  10 minutes before end of workshop


A Fairytale Musical Grades 1-4 1-4


In this beginning musical theatre class, we will fuse classic tales with modern songs! Students will create their own characters, and at our performance everyone will see us be "Brave" and hear us "Roar!"



Performance Dates:   November 19 @ 6:00PM


Class Days:   Wednesdays starting September 3


Class Time:   4-5:30PM


Cost:  $200.00


Teacher:  Meg Sullivan


Tickets:  $10


Junie B Jones (straight play) Grades 1-4 1-4


Based on the book series



Performance Dates:   November 21, 2014 @ 5PM


Class Days:   Fridays starting September 5


Class Time:   3:15-4:30PM


Cost:  $200.00


Tickets:  $10


Honk, Jr. Homeschool Students Grades 1-8


Performances: November 13 @ 10AM November 14 @ 7PM November 15 @ 2PM November 15 @ 7PM Set Build for Honk, Jr. November 8



Audition Dates:   09-11-2014


Performance Dates:   November 13, 14, 15, 2014


Class Days:   Thursdays


Class Time:   1-4PM


Rehearsals begin:   09-18-2014


Prepare:  1 minute song in style of show


Cost:  $225.00


Director:  Megan Demsky


Teacher:  Megan Demsky


Tickets:  $10-$15


Awesome Acapella Group Grades 7-12


Inspired by the popularity of shows like Glee and The Sing Off and movies like Pitch Perfect, Genesis will be forming an a cappella group to start rehearsals every Monday from 6:30-8:30PM! This will be an audition-only group that will travel around the DFW area to perform! The group will perform popular a cappella arrangements as well as new arrangements written specifically for the group. All group members must be strong singers with the ability to harmonize and hold their own against other vocal parts. Auditions will be held on September 13 from 1-3PM. Those auditioning are asked to prepare 90 seconds of two contrasting pop, rock, or country songs to be performed a cappella (voice only, no music). Those selected for the group will have their first rehearsal on Monday, September 15. Come join us at auditions to be a part of this aca-awesome experience! Tuition is $50 per month



Audition Dates:   09-13-2014 1-3PM


Performance Dates:   tba


Class Days:   Mondays


Class Time:   6:30-8:30PM


Rehearsals begin:   09-15-2014


Prepare:  90 seconds of two contrasting pop, rock, or country songs to be performed a cappella (voice only, no music).


Cost:  $50.00


Teacher:  Kelly Schaaf


Tickets:  $10-15


Willie Wonka, Jr. Closed No More Registrations Grades 3-7


Additional rehearsal called for October 11 9AM to 1PM No rehearsal 10-21, 10-23, 11-27 Tech week 5-7PM December 1, 2, 3, 4 Performances December 5 @ 7PM December 6 @ 7PM December 7 @ 3PM December 12 @ 7PM December 13 @ 2PM December 13 @ 7PM



Audition Dates:   09-09-2014 5-7PM


Performance Dates:   December 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 2014


Class Days:   Tuesdays and Thursdays


Class Time:   5-7PM


Rehearsals begin:   09-16-2014


Prepare:  1 minute song in style of show


Cost:  $250.00


Director:  Megan Demsky/Meg Sullivan


Tickets:  $10-15